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Going Beyond Fundamentals

While most institutional investors possess deep fundamental knowledge and access to highly sophisticated risk control platforms, there are other market dynamics that are critical to our clients’ success and longevity. Signal’s fundamental clients receive three separate but related products that help inform positioning and regime trends at the market, sector, industry and security level.

Solutions for Fundamental Managers

Equity Idea Platform

employs a cross-disciplinary analytic process to achieve superior rankings on over 2,000 securities across 9 sectors.

Macro Dashboard

provides a concise, easy-to-read, visual representation of the key metrics that drive the corresponding Market, Sector or Commodity and help inform regime (Risk-On/Off) recommendations

Daily Technical Alert

Driven by Signal’s proprietary Timing (Technical and Stretch) Models, the Technical Alert offers traders superior, quantitatively driven short-term timing signals.

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Why Work With Us

Regime Analysis

Signal’s mosaic approach to regime analysis has become Wall Street’s go-to source for industry-level Risk-On/Off recommendations.

Industry Tilts and Weighting Recommendations

Signal helps clients make informed industry-level Risk-On/Off tilts and weighting decisions.

Trade Timing

Signal’s proprietary quantitatively driven Technical model helps clients make alpha generating timing decisions.

Crowding Analysis

Signal’s proprietary Crowding Model identifies securities that are more likely to be over-owned by sector-focused Hedge Fund managers.

Unwind Identification

By analyzing the performance of Signal’s crowded securities, Signal is able to offer insight into unwind activity.

Pairing Recommendations

Signal offers superior pairing recommendations by considering Signal’s regime and crowding factors and characteristics.